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online Lesson guidelines

Reservations for lessons

For a trial lesson, please make a reservation by 2 p.m. 2 days before your desired lesson day.

Your reservation will be confirmed via a reply from the teacher in charge. 

The teacher in charge will reply within 24 hours.

For regular lessons, please make the next lesson’s reservation at the end of each lesson.

If you prefer a fixed lesson schedule, we will try to make reservations as far in the future as possible, but the schedule may be subject to change.


Preparation for lessons

All lessons will be held via video call on Zoom or Skype. Please make a reservation after preparing the equipment needed.

The student’s flute and a suitable environment to perform should be prepared in advance by each student. 

If a student has a special request for a music piece to practice in the lesson, the student is responsible to let their teachers know of it 2 days prior to the lesson.


Payment of the lesson fee

*Please make a payment of the lesson fee by either PayPal or bank transfer by 2 p.m. the previous day. For bank transfer, payment should be sent by the previous business day to the lesson. (All bank fees incurred are at the expense of the student.)

*Please be aware that, as a general rule, if the lesson fee is not paid, the next scheduled lesson will be canceled automatically and it will be treated as withdrawal from the school.


Lesson tickets

Please purchase a lesson ticket in order to have a lesson,

Detailed information below:


-Trial Lesson (30mins.)…. JPY1,000                         

- Regular Lesson (40mins)…. JPY2,500

- 4 Lesson tickets… JPY 9,000

- 8 lesson tickets… JPY 17,000

- 12 lesson tickets…. JPY 24,000 


As a rule, we do not give refunds for lesson tickets, except in the event of a cancellation that has been caused by a teacher. In this case, all bank fees incurred will be paid by the teacher.

Flute lesson guidelines
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