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Momoko FUJIWARA -flutist-


After being graduated from Kwassui Women’s University in music performance and studying at the Toho Gakuen School of Music in Japan, Fukuoka native Momoko FUJIWARA currently performs as a flutist while also teaching the flute around Kyoto.

FUJIWARA has been grown up in environment where surrounded by English language since childhood, so she provides flute lesson in English both for foreigner and Japanese, depends on students’ requests.
She has taught for students from more than ten countries. (Certified CEFR B2 level)

Since high school, FUJIWARA has participated in numerous music competitions and has performed publicly throughout Japan.
One of her most notable performances was with the Kyushu Symphony Orchestra where she was selected by the Japan Federation of Musicians to perform the concerto for flute and strings by André Jolivet.

FUJIWARA holds the highest certification (level 3) by Yamaha for wind instruments and has taken master classes by world-renowned flutists Sir James Galway and Pierre-Yves Artaud.
During college, FUJIWARA studied under Akira Nagata and Hiroaki Kanda.


Flute lessons Kyoto Flutist Momoko FUJIWARA
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